Hair Wash Only (Shampoo + Conditioner)40 AED
Hair Mask Treatment Additional40 AED
Trimming (No Hair Wash)60 AED
Steps Trimming100 AED
Haircut No Wash / Wash and Dry110/150 AED
Split Ends Trimming (Short / Medium / Long)100/150/200 AED
Blowdry Straight (Short / Medium / Long)90/115/125 AED
Blowdry No Wash (Short/ Medium / Long)50/75/100 AED
BlowdryCurling Iron (Short / Medium / Long)140/160/180 AED
Hair Style250-500 AED
Creative Braiding50-150 AED
Curling Iron Additional50 AED
Rolling Hair Additional30 AED
Roots Color / Bleaching / Highlights225/200/300 AED
Half Head Highlights400 AED
Full Head Highlights (Short / Medium / Long)450/475/500 AED
Full Head Hair Color (Short / Medium / Long)275/325/375 AED
Ombre (Short / Medium / Long)600/700/800 AED
Ballayage (Short / Medium / Long)900/1200/1500 AED
Keratin Treatment (Short / Medium / Long)800/900/1000 AED
Botox / Protein (Short / Medium / Long)900/1000/1100 AED
Hair Loss Treatment150-200 AED
Caviar Repairing Hair Treatment200 AED
Cocktail Hair Treatment200 AED
ArganOil + Fresh Aloe Vera Treatment150 AED
Additional for Very Long Hair (Per Service)25 AED

* all prices are subject to 5% VAT