Manicure Basic / Classic Color / French60/70/90 AED
Pedicure Basic / Classic Color / French70/80/100 AED
Gelish Manicure / French / Ombre100/120/150 AED
Gelish Pedicure / French / Ombre110/130/170 AED
Gelish Polish Only Manicure / French/ Ombre60/80/100 AED
Gelish Polish Only Pedicure / French/ Ombre70/90/110 AED
Classic Polish Change Only for Hands / French30/55 AED
Classic Polish Change Only for Feet / French40/65 AED
Polish Change per Nail / French / Gelish / Ombre5/10/10/20 AED
Ingrown Toenail Removal (subject to prior approval)30 AED
Callus Removal30 AED
Shape and File (Natural Nails)20 AED
Shape and File (Gel Extension)50 AED
Gelish Removal25 AED
Little Princess Manicure / Pedicure30/35 AED
Gel Overlay Natural200 AED
Gel Full Set Gel Extension / Refill300/250 AED
Gel Extension per Nail / Refill30/20 AED
Gel Extension per Toenail / Refill40/30 AED
Gel Extension Removal (Done With Us)50 AED
Gel Extension Removal(Done Outside)100 AED
Nail Art per Nail from10 AED
Chrome Powder per Nail5 AED
Matte Top Coat10 AED
Nail Straighten Treatment for Natural Nails100 AED
Nail Straighten Treatment (Rubber base)150 AED
Spa Hand / Feet70/80 AED
Paraffin Hands / Feet25/30 AED
Foot Scrub Only25 AED

* all prices are subject to 5% VAT